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with the public health department and educational nonprofits throughout the region for example, we support the office have been sustainability to make sure that our schools are effect and those promotion and throughout our program children are access and know about our hetch hetchy water prior to 2012 our education n primarily focuses on the k through 5 he imposing students to the water preservation but we have stand that for the high school needs simple the field trips to our treatment plant and enhancing the curriculum and professional training with the teachers we're currently creating a k through 12 to impose the students for the latter water and power and sewer at every level we want them to
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know where their tap waters comes from, etc. we've expanded our reach to serve more than 27 thousand students and engage more than one hundred plus teachers over the past two years alone puc creates opportunities for workers and businesses in the city and throughout the region as one of the largest employers with 23 hundred employees having a scale and diverse workforce is critical to running our system the puc is one of the largest economic engines that develops did contract the puc has one of the largest planned capital investment with the wastewater utilities and the technical report conducted by the research foundation talked about the labor impacts of our agency it illuminated a huge risk for the puc our need for program
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report and the data was valuable and reinforcing our office of economic workforce development strategies as we looked at to strengthen our pipeline and create new opportunity for local workers and businesses our strategy one strategy we're using to develop and maintain a difference pipeline is to have the employees training and partnerships we've done this through project pull and use work and the conservatism core as well as the city hall and the engineering program but since 2011 we're strengthened our youth and families and the sheriff's department and the police department and other community groups to pilot a comprehensive youth employment initiative that helps with the mayors job plus and effort we reported on this last august with the resources and were able
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to go from 2 hundred plus and 6 hundred and thirty in 2013 and now supporting over one thousand 2 hundred young people in internship in 2014 in addition to the paid interning we awarded 25 small grant to the small business community such as the randolph and the bay area and the mission neighborhood center that allowed us to build the relationship with the nonprofit leaders and impose more than 5 hundred young people to the puc because it is so successful and the regular session to request approval to renew the grants for this summer to give you an idea this shows with the sewage youth lives by zip code this st. is in
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areas where the puc operations have the most impact such as in the mission and southeast an did you want workforce development we help to support the current employees as of october 1st, the office of economic workforce development lastly presentation recorded that the puc achieved 40 percent of local hiring of san francisco resident resulting in over 4 hundred thousand craft hours and this is significant because the puc exceeded the 20 to thirty percent announced requirement in addition to the mandatory requirement the puc hired one hundred and 20 hen presence this year we'll be looking at our workforce to make sure there's rigor and the connections that people need for employment where possible we'll look at how to build a pipeline that includes
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the partnership with other agencies and unions and community-based organization i'm going to quickly schaffer resources for the office of economic workforce development opportunity this last year our director with the communication staff launched a new sf career website that included the videos and information about interims and jobs and other benefits of working with the agency this is our one shop stop and sheryl davis and others have led the workforce effort a regional consumerism of wastewater utility on this website there's research about the mission categories by workshops and we'll be having a shop on this through the partnership with the
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office of economic workforce development city built academy the puc supported a comprehensive modification training for local residents the academy has had one thousand job replacements in 2006 and has the collaboration and ceo's and trade unions and construction contractors you've heard this before san francisco is poised to invest billions of into our acknowledging public extra water and sewer and roads and transportation recognizing the small businesses low need tools to inadequately perform on the opportunities the contractors sit with the leadership of the infrastructure division located on the center or controller or drierlg in the bay area we have classroom training to working programs to help the small businesses compete we've
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partnered with large contractors like our web core turner and the minority contractors and the coalition of economic equality we've received overwhelming response and it's been a neighborhood base for networks since the environmental justice policy was passed in 2009 the puc is working to integrate those are tools into our operations to support healthy vibrant community as part of this we support secondary land use that promote the health and communicated in the neighborhood one example our your own impact program authorize in 2011 we're partnered with community organizations to remove approximately 13 thousand square feet of impervious sidewalk and planting of native plants for our beautiful sidewalk garden
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through parkinson's with the sf foundation and bayview and rec and park and the department of the environment we've recently launched bower by pop ups that serve as a garden and back up growers we completed the landscape design adjacent to our reservoir and the project sponsors w will integrate the partnerships starting in the summer of 2015 the town of so on oil is a part of our water system over the years our puc staff let e led by carla and betsy rose have i have no speaker cards our trust and have been a visible partner through our community supported event more 4 thousand students have visited the park and two thousand community members have
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been engaged in addition our water and finalizing for the alameda education center which is created significantly by community impact input adjacent to our plant the puc owns and operates the facility with the greenhouses we've invested in the facility over the last two years including the innovation we had a grant opening with the chancellor of city college supervisor cowen and sheriff and together with the southeast commission we're partnering with the tenant groups by the city college to reactivate the space last december the southeast commission and the general manager signed an mou to help to strengthen and formal lids our partnerships you've heard about the two percent for the ordinance by the elisa while we
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continue to invested in signature arts peas pieces we're interested in educating and providing economic opportunities those are not new funds but represent a strategic approach to our arts investment for example, we could i find a two year investment in the southeast in 2012 to align our art and supported radio broadcasts and public presentations and supported the launch on boyer as we advance our programs we make sure to promote our core values by leveraging our partnerships with we nonprofit and private by the gavin newsom to make sure that all voices are heard and insuring that the diversity and inclusion are are vision one of the most innovative was the puc
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is doing by asking our private sectors to be a good neighbor we we have the comments and proposals over $5 million do date there are thirty professional contracts throughout the agency that the evidence will then show more than $6 million in direct financial contributions and volunteer hours to local schools and nonprofits for example firms such as u r s volunteered with one hundred periods of time a nonprofit to develop a mentorship for the concepts for after school time we're committed to in addition our public outreach campaign we engage in the shareholder advisory bodies like the fairness board and the straerld group our citizens advisory
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committee our southeast working group our citizens advisory committee and our revenue bond oversight committee i hope that you now have a sense of the historical investments and the progress we've made as an agency to develop the program since 2011 when the report was completed the policy was developed and the policy mandated by your commission we'll have looked at resources to make sure that the impact of the community we've highlighted new communities and over the next year as kyle mentioned we're developing a robust system to collect information procured salesforce and solicited the help of our market companies across the agency and over time we hope to track more than the people of the number we're
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serving and elevate the true value of our system this year this is some of the presentations we hope to make easter an i didn't want about the agricultural group and our 3 years employment initiative as well as the southeast facility and greenhouse renovation as a i close i want to thank the commission for the vision to create this program and thank you all the community leaders that helped to advocate for this program and also our crucial to forcing the ongoing development i'm happy to answer any questions you may have. >> thank you it's informative don't go away (laughter) commissioners any questions? >> yes. well, i just want to prettiest any appreciation for the body of work i know in now
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travels and wondering around the country people are looking at san francisco and the puc you know as not only the route but with the community benefits program and blaring the trail and getting results i also really took to hart the city controllers person who is. >> next speaker. >> not here to reached to do the elevation up front to be hearing about those numbers and some of the impacts our making in the community so i think with that done it is important point to note so thank you for your work and this presentation. >> any other comments? thank you, again >> thank you. >> now we'll get back to public comment on this item 7 so i'd like to call yolanda
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jones. >> good afternoon commissioners i'm yolanda john's i'm the owner of yolanda's construction and administration i'm a hunters point resident and hetch hetchy business that employees district then this package has been huge to me and my firm and the people that i grew up with in a community that's been overlooked for so long i've hired over 10 people he over the course of 10 years with two of them have enough experience to go on and employ with the puc and four that are training under the control and the administration a lot of that wouldn't have been
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possible if karen and emile and harland and others when they came into my community hunters point reached in and said hey, we want to help you and other firms like you and people from the community that we want to help in a good neighbor policy have been a good neighbor and i've been there thirty years and never seen a program so successful one day you'll say as a resident i'm from here i work here and the people from here work here and that's huge so for a community package in san francisco to be rhine running this well, i have to continue to stay running to keep hiring in my community and keep prospering thank you. >> thank you, ms. jones very necessities comments.
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>> next speaker is charlie walker. >> good afternoon you know, i have kind of lastly been projecting coming down to those meetings because i kind of look at things a little bit difference hopefully you'll go along with me the puc at one time when the reason we have this congest out here was when the white community didn't want pump stations in their sunset district in portland so they agreed to put it out in our community in bayview where part of it also was and in turn they built this college every time it seems like every time things start to move up wards someone gets the bright idea to take
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some of the money and get rid of more blacks see that's how i look at it that's the end result that's what's happening that accounts for why our population went from 29, thirty percent to have percent today and when i come to those meetings i look at up there and say well, just more white folks making decisions you have to really understand i wouldn't even be here except the fact we have to come to make you aware we feel it being a race attack to cut out the money so as to get rid of black people in bayview hunters point no black contractors get money of all this construction i've been in construction business for the last 50 years if you check our
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records you'll find that black people receive less than one-tenth of one percent of the dollars and i pay a lot of taxed or so because we own property here in san francisco its extremely unfair that more for consideration has been given that account for why so many black people left san francisco. >> okay >> next speaker. >> is wendy air gone. >> good afternoon. i'm wendy air gone the characterize of the citizens advisory committee for this i believe that the puc psa has won the best citizens advisory committee community because of the community benefits they've been our partners i know when i first came on to the puc about 4 months before i became the chair it would have been lost without
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jessie and the rest of the community benefits steam they've been an amazing participating i'm sure you're aware of if it wasn't for community benefits we wouldn't have the city educated about a lot of the problems around our city's city's in areas where they have the knowledge of it is valuable to have a program that empowers the citizens to have a voice i'm a strong believer in shared government without this department this department makes it organization special and without a doubt so we i hope this department can be funded and conditions to exist for a long-term i know it made an impact on my life and seen this department and i know that we have a lot of talented people
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that came into our cac because of that i without the possibility of parole want to lose it so on behalf of the citizens advisory committee we have a strong support for the community bends and have to keep on going. >> thank you very much. next speaker. is - is it? >> good afternoon, commissioners and san francisco public utilities commission staff i'm the president of sage i've heard the description this is a park that i developed a partner with sage in 2006 what you threw out a dusty had a field a person would visit ones a year today it the thriving over 5 though people come out kids from the hayward and public
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schools almost all in from low income schools learning about the water shed and the native it is a place that your constituency has discovered being in their own backyard and they value our standardship with the opportunity to the education program for them to engage and help you with that standardship we're looking forward to continuing to partner with you as you built this water shed educational program thank you. >> thank you. >> >> next speaker. >> is sam. >> hi so i'm sam i'm a
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geotechnical jeer kayak like a gore lost to engineer on the central bay side project i think some of any colleagues might talk about the programs it's been a pleasure to work with julie and others i'm going to talk about the office of economic workforce development so we've taken on summer interims high school interns through did young community developers students in bayview that are that at our office it was a real treat and done criteria days at marshall high school i start at&t's as an intern with the same company 20 years ago so any career has gone
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from intern to hiring that manager i hope to getting give someone a break and i'm a volunteer we do the weekend park clears up and adams and roger park and street garden it's sort of a team building exercise our colleagues come out and caterer for the local vendor and you're there my job as an engineer sometimes, we do our job right for the systems that are working fine when you're on someone's playground and your picking up trash i have to thank you it's constant gratification it's been great for us thank you. >> thank you you've come a long way
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(laughter). >> next speaker. >> is eddy. >> hello commissioner. >> hi. >> thank you, commissioners i'm here representing the urban academy which is a nonprofit organization that work to really who's charge is in changing of lives for the fourth and fifth grade boys of color and without the community benefits program we wouldn't be able to achieve this success our boys we don't stop the work with our boys after fifth grade they continue to participate in nonprofit organizations through their middle school and high school criteria so without the partnership of the community
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partnerships the work of changing their lives would not be possible a community that's in crisis i look forward to continuing the partnering thank you >> thank you >> next speaker. >> is jerome anderson. >> madam chair i'm the commissioner. >> i thought we got a little bit confused. >> it's okay ladies first; right? >> i wanted to say what a privilege for me to be serving the mayor force the southeast community i've only been here for over a year the leadership by the general manager harland kelly and julie la has demonstrated their invested in the san francisco ethics commission and with the community benefits program it benefits the entire city which
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is recommended by diversity of this world-class city and the fact that the southeast community commission was able to increase the functionality with the benefit team and for me it is almost like my family in a sense i can hold them account he will and like i can hold them accountable and answer to the needed of the community and abstinence ideas off of them they're there to engage me so for me this benefit package should be one that is replicated nationally this is not in to the internationally i feel we moved with the sing a song full of the hope that the present has brought us; of the mou we did in december
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this demonstrates to the city department we are about change and inclusion and how do we benefit the community so thank you very much for your support and continued ben our communities. >> thank you, commissioner jerry roam anderson. >> hello. thank you for your time i'm here to represent the japan's community and i'd like to say that the puc has taken initiative in developing coming out workforce and also exposing youth to a lot of the departments in san francisco invest in san francisco youth but at youth works we feel like the puc is really good at taking the initiative and actually taking action in working with the youth and year after year
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their support in the progress investing in the youth of san francisco sorrow many of the youth in san francisco they have no idea or idea what city government is or the puc what they do for the city but because the puc many of our youth are not only learning about puc and the government but also getting for knowledge about the avenues of education so i feel like the puc is really doing a good job there recent other revenue generating agencies that should take the same model and invest more in the youth and the community but every meeting i have with the puc they're talking about how to make progress and what we can do better and build better riderships. >> thank you one of our youth is here that is working with the
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puc and if it watts wasn't for this program she wouldn't be here maybe doing something else but she'll talk to her friends and they'll get interested in the programs in san francisco. >> could you stand up please. well, welcome. >> and thank you, mr. anderson. >> christen wear. >> good afternoon, commissioners my name is christen wear an engineer with m w h we specialize in the infrastructure and i wanted to comment on what a pleasure to


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